Honorary distinctions
EarthVision Film Festival Award 2007:
Best documentary: Alternative Energy
• "REPERCUSSIONS", 50 min, White Flag Films
Parole citoyenne Award 2005:
Best short documentary, National Film Board of Canada
• "REPERCUSSIONS", 4 min 47 s, White Flag Films
GOLDEN REEL Award 2009:
Best Sound Editing: Long Form Sound Effects and Foley in Television
• "CRUSOE - Rum & Gunpowder", Duane Clark, Power, Muse and Moonlighting Films
GÉMEAUX Award 2004: Best Documentary Sound
• "Arctic Mission", 5 episodes, Jean Lemire, National Film Board of Canada, Gédéon Programmes
GÉMEAUX Nomination 2000: Best sound, all drama category
• "Mourir en France", Luc Cyr & Carl Leblanc, Ad Hoc Films

Work Experience
Producer - director - cameraman - video and sound editor
• Documentary: "REPERCUSSIONS", 50 min (2007)
• Documentary short: "REPERCUSSIONS", 4 min 47 s (2005)
• Short film: "Au petit bonheur la chance", 12 min (2004)
• Documentary short: "ÉQUATION LIBRE", SWISS EXPO 02, 18 min (2003)
• Experimental Movie: "Expo Seville", Universal Expo Seville 92, 30 sec (2000)

Video editor
• TV Series: "IMMIGRADOS", 13 x 26 minutes, Kondololé Films (2008)
• Documentary: "GOL" 52 min, Images & Mouvements & Meakulpa (2002)
• Dance Videos: "THOK" & "LOHA", Sinha Dance (2002)
• Dance Videos: "cute-ex.com", "Silencio" & "?com", Pablo Diconca (2000)

Sound editor - Film and Televison
• "CRUSOE", 13 x 47 minutes, Duane Clark (2008)
• "NITRO", Alain Desrochers (2007)
• "Bob Gratton: ma vie, my life", 13 x 30 minutes, Gabriel Pelletier (2007)
• "François en série", 12 x 22 minutes, Jean-François Asselin (2006)
• "C.R.A.Z.Y.", Jean-Marc Vallée (2005)
• "Peau Blanche", Daniel Roby (2004)
• "Arctic Mission", 5 episodes, Jean Lemire (2004)
• "Le cabinet du Docteur Ferron", Jean-Daniel Lafond (2003)
• "Voir Gilles Groulx", Denis Chouinard (2002)
• "The Baroness and the Pig", Michael Mackenzie (2000)

Sound editor and mixer

Productions S.M.J.F (1997-2003)
• "Canada by Night", "Mon Frère Richard" & "Mourir en France", Luc Cyr & Carl Leblanc (1999-2000)
• "À la recherche de Louis Archambault", Werner Volkmer (1999)
• "Moi, j'me fais mon cinéma", Gilles Carle (1998)

Sound engineer and/or composer

• Compilation CD "Population Hip-Hop", Studio Prim (1999-2000)
• 2 CDs for Choeur Mruta Mertsi with André Pappathomas (1996-2000)
• Soundtracks for Le Théâtre qui Monstre Énormément (1996-2000)
• Musicale comedy, Café jeunesse multiculturelle de Montréal-Nord (1997)
• Singer/songwriter for the band ALPHATIME (1995-1996)

Academic Training

• Private directing training & video editing (2000)
• Audio training at PRIM Studios (1999)
• Training as sound engineer on Pro Tools at les Productions S.M.J.F. (1998-99)
• Human Behaviour and Music, Université du Québec à Montréal (1994)
• Jazz specialization, Cégep de St-Laurent (1993)
• D.E.C. in classical music, Cégep de Drummondville (1989-92)

French / English / German
Documentary Organisation of Canada ( DOC ), Vidéographe
Anton Fischlin

Born in Switzerland in 1970, Anton Fischlin has been active on the Montreal television and movie scene since 1997. His work as a sound editor has won him nominations and awards. Among the most noteworthy is a Gémeaux award · Best Documentary Sound, Arctic Mission (Jean Lemire). He has worked on such films as C.R.A.Z.Y. (Jean-Marc Vallée), Moi j'me fais mon cinéma (Gilles Carle), and Le cabinet du docteur Ferron (Jean-Daniel Lafond).

In 2002, he founded White Flag Films.

In 2005, the short version of REPERCUSSIONS won him the NFB Parole citoyenne award for Best Documentary at the Caméra verte short film festival.

In 2007, the long version of REPERCUSSIONS received the Best Documentary award in the category "Alternative Energy" at the EarthVision Film Festival in Santa Cruz, California.


The influence of Expo 67, on the social consciousness of Quebecers and particularly Montrealers, persists to this day.

I have been living in Quebec since 1979. Alongside previous and current generations of my fellow Quebecers, I can still feel the repercussions of this important event. This is the reason why world exhibits fascinate me.

In Spain at Seville Expo'92 "The Age of Discovery", I created a series of slides in order to take the pulse of humanity as it sees and discovers itself.

In 2002, at the Swiss National Expo, I shot a short film, entitled Équation Libre, which casts an introspective gaze on the individualšs place within our universe.

Follow the links below to watch excerpts from Équation Libre.

In 2005, I went twice to Japan to make REPERCUSSIONS, a documentary about the first World Fair of the 21st century.

2007: REPERCUSSIONS is playing in international film festivals and schools.